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Windshield repairs

A sturdy and chip or crack-free windshield is the basis of safe driving. A windshield that isn't obscured by damage helps you see the road better and will stand up to trauma better in the event of an accident. Let Miguel's Auto Glass repair or replace yours today!

Why come to us for windshield repairs or replacement?

• Fast repairs in 30 minutes or less

• Can repair chips and cracks up to 6 inches

• Repairs are cheaper because insurance companies often waive your deductible

• Repairs restore overall windshield integrity, preventing the damage from spreading

• Windshield damage that goes unaddressed can put you at higher risk next time you are in an accident

• In many modern cars, the windshield provides structural support to the entire vehicle because they are welded to the car frame directly. It is important to choose a windshield repair provider like Miguel’s Auto Glass who is familiar with the proper way to attach a windshield.

• And many other benefits!

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Trust the professional service shop with more than 14 years of experience in windshield repairs and replacement.

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Windshield repairs

Your car's windshield is not only part of its appearance but is also integral to the safety of you and your passengers. Any damage to the windshield should be repaired immediately to avoid accidents.


Cars in the market nowadays are lighter and energy-efficient. Such cars rely on their windshield as much as their external frame for structural integrity. This is why it is a must for your car's windshield to be welded to the frame with urethane, a reliable insulating adhesive. That's what we're known to do!

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